Mission / Service

Our mission is to attempt to capture what little remains of Dorothea Dix's dream.  By photographing these asylums and state hospitals we hope to show the world what has happened to this vision and not let it be  forgotten.  This effort is not only meant to help people understand the accomplishments in the treatment of mental illness, but to also preserve the buildings that started it all and make them once again a useful part of today's society. (click here for an example) 

  We do this by offering the facility owners complete photo and/or video documentation of their facility. We provide visual documentation for architectural evaluations, insurance documentation, construction analysis, and preservation efforts. We also provide material for use in media publications. Upon completion of the shoot, copies of all photographs/video footage along with a  limited copyright release are presented to both the facility owner and/or the supporting organization for use in their public affairs/preservation efforts. 

    We also coordinate and complete all documentation for entering selected photographs into the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine's archives for preservation. It's our way of keeping the dream alive!

For questions or to request our services please contact us at:  request@forgottenphotography.com  



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